My Name is Tyrone. I love to draw. 
I'm a freelance illustrator and animator in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in French Language and Literature from North Carolina State University. After college, I moved to Paris for two years, where I taught English to high schoolers, waited tables and played guitar for cash. Paris is a great place to draw people. 
Since then, I’ve studied animation, storyboarding, and figure drawing in New York City. I was a CTN Foundation scholarship recipient, as well as a mentee in the Rise Up Animation program. 
My interests span from street culture to high art, and my clients have included The Berrics, The New Amsterdam History Center, Soho Playhouse, Hungry Ghost coffee, and more. The album art and animation I designed for WELL$ and Angelo Mota was featured by Spotify as one of their top picks in 2022. I also designed a custom skateboard deck for Jack Black, which is pretty cool. 
For commissions and collaborations, reach me at
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